4 Travel Must-Haves For Children


Everyone knows traveling with young children can be a nightmare. This spring, travel with intent–make it easy on yourself.  In addition to your masks and sanitizers, here are some travel necessities that we absolutely recommend when traveling with young children.
CREATE EXTRA STORAGE WITH CHILDREN – This sounds funny as it’s written, but it’s a plausible tip. Mom's and Dads can’t and shouldn’t carry everything in their purse/bag. Your arms need a break and this gives children the opportunity to foster independence. Our favorite bookbags and fanny packs can help you store snacks, extra clothes, games and anything else you may want to carry with convenience.  
PACK SOLO GAMES & ACTIVITIES – Keeping children entertained can be challenging when you’re on long road trips or flying 50,000 miles in the sky. We recommend puzzles and books as great activities to keep children entertained. We also suggest reading together as a duo exercise.
LABEL EVERYTHING – Want to minimize losing things? Take every opportunity to label things while traveling with children. Go label crazy if you have to, but, this is how you can ensure you’ll be able to keep track of everyone’s belongings. This also includes luggage. Don’t forget to swag out your luggage and label your luggage with luggage tags.
COMFORT IS KEY - Comfort and convenience is key when traveling with kids. During long flights, it's important for kids to be able to stretch out comfortably. Being equipped with accessories like the Air Cot and Travel Blanket allows kids to stretch out and relax while watching their favorite movies, reading a book, or playing with their favorite toys. Best of all, it allows them to get cozy and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Before you know it, it's time to land, and you are at your destination.
What have you found helpful while traveling with children?
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