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Author and Educator Salisha Shears

Hi, I'm Salisha Shears, a Special Education Itinerant Teacher and Early Intervention Provider. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Bridging my love for education and travel, I birthed my first book, Remy Takes Flight, followed by, Playdates with Remy. 

Through Remy Takes Flight and/or Playdates with Remy, I will partner with you to emphasize community and connections by conducting Author Visits with read aloud, and hands on activities.

Author Visits

Why they are imperative to your child's growth...

Author visits create a lasting impression on students. Visits to schools builds positive relationships and help to build relationships between kids and the written word. These visits ignite their imaginations, enhance their wellbeing and inspire them them to pursue creative endeavors. Author visits are life changing for your students. 

Benefits of Author Visits

Support Classroom Learning 

When students learn the "inside stories" and reason behind writing the book, they can't help but be intrigued. Authors discuss the editing process, how they have to incorporate their editors’ feedback or rewrite a scene that doesn’t support the plot, allowing students to recognize how authors have to use the same skills that they are learning in class. 

Encourages Reading Fun 

When an author discusses writing and the creative process, authors become real to students, opening up relationships with the books they read. Books become living things, allowing kids the ability to make predictions, inferences, and associations. This generates an enthusiasm not only for reading more books, but also a greater variety of books.

Motivates Writing

When authors visit classrooms with their favorite tips and tricks for teaching writing, students are eager to give writing a try. Hearing from published writers about their real life process, from ideas to publication, often gets kids motivated to begin cranking out their own stories even after the visit is over. They may believe, "If she can do it, then I can do it." 

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Unlocking Learning

Thank You Letters

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Remy Takes Flight

Remy Takes Flight
& Playdates with Remy

Helping young students to learn about traveling.
Covering key concepts such as: 

  • Community Helpers
  • Numbers + Sizes
  • Rhyming Words
  • Airport Safety
  • Transportation

Place in your school, classroom or home library!

Ideal for Pre-K 3 to 1st grade


Remy explores and discovers new things using her knowledge of numbers, sizes and vocabulary concepts. 


Your little one can understand the joy of traveling through preparation. Airport routines such as packing, checking-in, security lines, and learning about different types of people at the airport. 


This book aims to ease some of the anxieties children can experience in new situations through the lens of travel. 

Playdates with Remy

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Readers Are Talking


My 4yo daughter asked to read this four times when I first gave it to her, and has since asked for it every day. She now "reads"  it to my 2yo. Very informative to prepare littles for their travel day. Such a cute story!



A great book about traveling from a child's point of view. Remy talks about the excitement of traveling to her grandmother's house while mentioning the things that she experiences on her journey. If you travel a lot with your child, I would recommend this book to you. 



This was the best time for me to purchase this book. With the kids being at home and we can't travel. My 3 year old was able to pretend she was taking this flight with Remy. She was also happy reading because of the sight words that were used in this story. We loved this book!


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