We blinked and fell into FALL.  It's Thanksgiving and Remy & I have so much to be grateful for. 

Research now confirms that adults, children, and adolescents who report feeling gratitude are happier, healthier, more content, optimistic and more likely to be helpful to others. 

As parents we’ve been so intentional about practicing gratitude with her, especially dealing with the pandemic.  Despite everything happening around us, we can still find things to be hopeful for.  We wanted to share the same with our followers. 

Here’s 5 family Thanksgiving traditions you can incorporate or start this year. 

  1. Make a gratitude scavenger hunt – Write words that evoke feelings of appreciation and gratitude and have the children search the house to find those things.  
  2. Make a meaningful centerpiece – I love a great DIY project.  Have your children join in on the fun and create something meaningful that can be displayed at the dinner table.
  3. Give your kids a special job – independence helps with feeling good about yourself.  Give your children a special task on Thanksgiving. 
  4. Place gratitude in a jar – when anything lovely happens in your home, tell your children “I am so grateful for this!  This goes in the gratitude jar!”
  5. Record family blessings in a family gratitude journal which you read back to the family on a regular basis.  This retrains us to focus on the positive.

Let us know which one will you be trying? 

Remy & I will be sure to share in our stories all the traditions we create for Thanksgiving.

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